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Chung Hsi history
Chung Hsi history

1950 Company founded 
Chung Hsi Chemical Plant, Ltd. was called Chung Hsi Agricultural Chemical Plant which was established in 1950, more than 60 years ago. The plant specializes in manufacturing r-BHC at that time.

1963 Chung Hsi Chemical Plant, Ltd
In 1963, the company was reformed as Chung Hsi Chemical Plant, Ltd., specializing in the formula development of environmental sanitation agents. The products cover various home used pesticides such as aerosol pesticide, mosquito coil, mosquito vaporizing mat, mosquito liquid vaporizer and other insect repellent product series.
1986 Increasing product line into the professional environmental sanitation agents for PCO (Pest Control Operator)
In 1986, the company started to develop professional environmental sanitation agents, and extended the target customer base
tothe professional pest control companies.

1992~ Establishment of Pest Control Consultancy Group 

In 1992, pest control consultancy group was established. The group focuses on importing the latest global pest control techniques, ideas and chemical agents, introducing the update concept of safe drug usage, and assisting professional PCO to organize museum pest prevention and excavation maintenance with termite control groups, to establish the correct pest control strategies.

Currently, Chung Hsi Chemical Plant, Ltd. not only produces but also be the sole distributor of various pest control products for termites, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and environmental sanitation agents for Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd and Bayer Environmental Science in Taiwan. Moreover, the company is an agent for many top brands of integrated pest management products all over the world; related product series include Pest West professional insect light traps from the UK, pulsFOG thermal fogger from Germany, various B&G spray equipment from the US, pheromone attractor for Insect Ltd. from the US and TIMSEN™ disinfectant from UPI that is approved by the US EPA and FDA as food grade. As a result, the integrated pest management (IPM) concept of reduced chemical agent usage can be implemented and allows us to respect our social responsibility to create safe and effective environmental sanitation agents, thus attaining the goal of successful environmental protection and maintenance. 

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